Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cocktail Dress: Quick progress update

I should be done by now, shouldn't I? I'm not.

Unexpected social stuff last night shortened my evening, so rather than sew from 8pm (the original plan) - I got in front of the machine at 10pm instead.

However, in the 3-odd hours I put in, I managed to get a reasonable bit done, and right now, what remains on the dress is:

- Ironing the skirt gathers. I gathered by hand, since my silk felt too fragile for my zig-zag stitch on my machine. The gathers are sort of even (I'm never very good at this, however) but they need to be steamed down a little.
- Finishing the inside seam where the skirt attaches to the midriff band. Right now, this is the only unfinished seam (the skirt has french seams, and the bodice is self-lined, and has no visible seams). I didn't want to sew the waist seam as a french seam, since I thought it would add bulk. Now, I'll have to spend some time researching what the best way to enclose that seam.)
- Sewing the zipper, and sewing the center back closed. Along the way, I need to also enclose this seam.
- Hem. I told my mother I'd be hand-hemming on the overnight bus to Montreal. At that time, I was joking. Now however, it might actually be true.

Readers - help me please - best way to enclose my seams? I could make silk bias-tape (I do own a scarcely-used bias-tape maker), and then enclose the seam in that. It might be fiddly however, and also add bulk. Any better ideas?

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AllisonC said...

Can you not press the waist seam up and handstitch the bodice lining to cover it? Look forward to seeing it, did you sort out the dot problem?