Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I'm in appliance hell, and other mini-notes

My iron died. Argh. I had an entire evening free last night, and the damn thing dies. Do you know you can't actually sew at all without an iron? (Of course you do.)

In other news, I'm thinking of being crazy impulsive and buying a serger. Trying to finish interior seams using hong-kong seam finish is very labour-intensive.

In progress right now is a simple circle skirt - almost done. The zipper is in, but I need to finish the seams on one side, the lining is in, and everything needs to be hemmed. There are some weird folds around the zipper that have to do with the way I cut the lining out, I think, but I'm hoping that a good ironing will sort these out.

In the meanwhile, I also started a quilt top last weekend. I've a friend whose birthday present is seriously late. I'm not sure how I'll get it quilted, but I'm hoping to finish the top at-least by the end of next week.

I guess I like having multiple projects at the go, because I cut out a purple pencil skirt last night as well. Either that, or I'm creating mulitple UFOs.

And no, I haven't forgotten about the May Mini-Wardrobe. The blue skirt and jacket were bundled away when I had people coming over and needed to clear the dining table in a hurry. (The sewing table doubles as a dining table.) They remain bundled away, and it is time to pull them out and finish them. As always, I get stuck at the lining stage, I don't cut out my lining at the same time, and then it is a massive struggle to will myself to cut out the lining, and finish the damn things.

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Anonymous said...

hey where is the dress that u made?? waiting to see pics