Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Patterns I didn't need to buy

I have three boxes stuffed to the brim with patterns, shelves overflowing with BWOFs that I don't use - but I evidently can't resist the siren call of the Joann pattern sales. When they happen to coincide with a time I'm in the States - all restraint goes out the window.

Witness the results...

DC (Virginia, actually, but close enough) was pretty busy with family stuff, but I had an hour to sneak away and do some shopping. Patterns, fabric & beer. Three very productive stops.

I'll confess - I bought fabric. Such pretty fabric! Pictures will be shared tomorrow.


Christiana said...

Ahhh...the pull of the pattern sale. I can relate.


Clio said...

Our pattern stashes look remarkably similar! I am just finishing sewing Simplicity 2700 (Amazing Fit pants) and I have the Amazing Fit dress in my pile of patterns for the fall.