Friday, August 27, 2010

Proof of Concept - A Cardigan

I've been incredibly inspired by the lovely cardigans Yoshimi and Carolyn have made recently, and I decided to retry cardigan making, despite my last dreadful failure.

So, Friday night, once the skirt was done, I took a t-shirt pattern (an old Butterick, I need to look it up) and went to work. I didn't cut the center front on the fold, obviously, and added an inch and a half to the center front. I finished the neck edges and the center front with the magic Jalie method (it is magic, trust me.) I also hand-hemmed the hem and the sleeves, to prevent any stretching.

And look! A cardigan.

This fabric doesn't have a lot of stretch to it, and I think I need to add more than an inch and a half to the center front, so this doesn't quite close. No worries - I used a purple pin to hold the front together.

I'm super-excited! This took less than two hours (excluding the hand-hemming) and cardigans are so useful. I'm pretty sure I'll be trying this again.


Sue Anfang said...

Very about some closeups of the binding???

Lilian said...

Nice one!! I love it. You can never have enough of these cardigans. I think you just inspired me to make one also.

knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

Your cardigan is absolutely gorgeous and the pin is a perfect compliment.

Anonymous said...

looks really good

Summerset said...

I think it looks great! The pin is a good, creative choice for a closure. You can always change it up, too, rather than being stuck with the same buttons.

sewabeginner said...

It looks fantastic! Beautiful.