Sunday, August 29, 2010

Using up yardage

Before I started sewing garments, I spent a ridiculous amount of time making bags. Boring, boring tote bags, but the projects were a good fit for the minuscule amount of time I had to sew.

Right in the middle of this, Jo-ann's was discontinuing a lot of their home decor fabric, and the sample squares were up for sale for something like 50c. I went a little crazy, and bought loads of these, and ever since, I've tried to find clever ways to use some of this stuff up.

The reason I'm telling this story? Yesterday evening, I decided that my fabric was in desperate need of organization. I pulled every bit of fabric out from the closet, and found still more of this home dec fabric. I don't really make bags any more, but I don't like giving away my fabric, so I needed a quick, easy project that would use all of them up.

So I made a simple bed cover. Voila!

I still need to attach a back cloth to it, but don't have anything suitable - but I know my mom has some sheets she's bought to use as back cloths for quilts, so I'll go steal one of those when I visit.

Now, off to clear the last bit of that mess, and also off to cook some dinner. I've a busy week ahead, and some food in the refrigerator will be super-useful in the coming days.

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anuradha said...

HATS off to you Reethi!It looks absolutely GORGEOUS!Since i am going to supply the back cloth,maybe i could STEAL it too!You are TALENTED!!