Friday, September 17, 2010

My new skirt + Self-Stitched-September Day 16

I'm pretty impressed with myself - I used a bit of my G-Street fabric haul, and made up this skirt.

When sewing this, I wanted to replicate an existing simple RTW knit skirt that's one of the mainstays of my wardrobe. So, I just pinned it on the fabric, added seam allowances, and cut. No darts, this is basically a tube with a tiny bit of waist-shaping. The skirt is also lined (knit lining), and has elastic at the waist. Super simple!

As usual, no hemming. I'm sure that not hemming my skirt speaks to the moral decline of my generation, or some such thing. But it isn't going to ravel, and I'm sure that if I tried to hem it, I'd ruin it.

The rest of the outfit? Can you tell I'm all snuggled up in my shawl cause I'm cold? Under the shawl, I'm wearing the Minimalist cowl, inspired by the Selfish Seamstress.


Summerset said...

Love it! You've picked the right shape for such a great fabric; nothing complicated or fussy.

Clio said...

Oh, what a great fabric - so fun!

anuradha said...

Absolutely LOVELY skirt!