Sunday, October 31, 2010

Giant Houndstooth skirt - fabric

I had a couple of hours yesterday, and I headed towards the fashion district, hoping to find some perfect giant houndstooth fabric to make myself a Mondo-inspired pencil skirt (my own expression of outrage over Project Runway's outcome.)

Yes, I don't need any more fabric. Whatever.

I hit gold at LA Fabric. They had a wall of wool fabric on sale for $10 - here's what I bought.

Isn't it perfect? I love LA Fabric.

After LA Fabric, I headed over to King's Textiles - since it isn't right on the strip, I've never actually been there. But wow! It is pretty amazing. I was thinking of trying to mix prints and make a printed top - more Mondo tribute. But I think I'm going to be boring and safe, and pair it with a solid. Instead - I bought this houndstooth knit - which is going to be a dress.

Good fabric times.


Summerset said...

Yay for giant houndstooth. I bought some too, in black and blue, the actual square are probably 2" across.

Lilian said...

Great fabric!
I love that 'giant-houndstooth-protest' that's going on around the blogs at the moment. That Mondo-guy must be something good! I'm afraid it will take some time before (and if?) this series will be broadcasted in my country but when the moment's there, I'm gonna enjoy it to the fullest!
Have fun making your projects.

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good job.

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Anonymous said...

i have been searching for giant houndstooth fabric for over a year. i live on a small island in the middle of the pacific and the internet is my only hope! it's just not available, period. if anyone has a lead on this, please let me know:
especially would love to get some with over 2" repeat, just like Mondo on project runway or even bigger!!
Sew Maid in Hawaii