Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tracing up a storm

I've been on vacation the last 5 days - blissful! I've been hanging out with family at my parents - eating lots of yummy food, watching TV, laughing at my sulking cat (she does not like visiting my parents, she prefers to lord it up at my apartment...) and tracing a few BWOFs.

Now, I sewed - wait for it - 0 BWOFs from my 2010 issues. 0. That's pretty pathetic. For me, most of the inertia with BWOF is the tracing. Once I get past that, I'm golden.

So, in my 5 days, I traced 5 patterns.

Three skirts...

BWOF 08-2010-135

BWOF 08-2010-127

BWOF 11-2009-120

One dress...
BWOF 09-2010-122

And one top
BWOF 09-2010-121

I head back home tomorrow morning, which means I'll be able to get some of this cut and sewn up... maybe even before the end of the year.


Clio said...

I LOVE that dress. It has been in my "to trace" pile since it arrived.

The Simple Romantic said...

Sure helps to nerve myself up to try to trace that Burda pattern, seeing your blog. Otherwise I have that feeling like i'm the only one in the world doing it - that coupled with never having done it before puts me off. But seeing your blog, somehow makes it seem achievable

Thanks for being out here!