Monday, December 20, 2010

Franken-patterning the cowl

Did I mention I wanted a simple cowl t-shirt? I am on fire, dear Readers. I pulled out some left over fabric, used the front and sleeves of McCalls 6069, and the back of a plain t-shirt pattern (I can't find my go-to Simplicity, so I used McCalls 4923 for the back, and here it is, a couple of hours of work! (I still have to hem the sleeve though.)

Here it is!
(The front.)

(The back.)


anuradha said...

It fits well,looks LOVELY!One for me ....perhaps?

Summerset said...

Hmmm . . I do love that dress fabric, and this top is a good use of both patterns. I think you could use this Frankenpattern as the basis for a dress. The paisley dress since there is quite a bit of fabric in that back drape might be able to be recut so there isn't so much fabric back there; but, that's work and it is much more fun just to make a new dress!