Sunday, April 03, 2011

First quilting success - a tiny baby quilt

Dear Readers, this is the first time I'm actually happy with a quilting effort. (Not the top, the actual quilting process, which I usually fail horribly at.)

My mom needed a baby quilt in a hurry, for the baby shower for a gender-yet-to-be-determined baby. This pink quilt top was therefore not going to cut it.

I flipped through flickr for inspiration, and found this photo, with its lovely colour palette. I wasn't about to piece together a lot of triangles to copy it precisely, but I did copy the general layout and color scheme. I made this (all from scrap, yay!), and actually managed to do a decent job quilting it. Yay for me.

And the back. Notice the lack of horrible ripples. I'm pretty pleased with myself.

I think this quilt makes up for the fact that I never sew for my mom, don't you?


anuradha said...

Thank you,its a beautiful quilt!But this does not make up for shirts!!Still waiting......

Summerset said...

Very cute and well done!

Anonymous said...

very nice job!