Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weird sewing dream/nightmare

I had the weirdest dream last night.

The setting is Madurai, a hot and dusty South-Indian town that I've only been to once in my life. My family and me are in a car, driving towards the airport so I can catch a flight. There is plenty of time, we are going to be 3 hours early.

For no reason at all, my grandfather decides to change shirts, and switch to a black shirt. But the shirt placket has a tear in it, and so my grandfather asks me if I'd fix it.

Sure, I say. After all, I have my sewing machine in the car. (Of course.)

The thread in the sewing machine is white. I look around in the sewing machine storage compartment, and find a black bobbin and green thread on a spool. So I start unwinding the bobbin a bit, to cut off a length of thread, to wind it over the green thread, so I'd be using the right color thread.

Clearly, this is a dream, I am nowhere this meticulous in real-life.

I then look for an outlet, and the one on the car will serve. I can run my sewing machine right in the car.

We pull up in the parking lot, right next to a tree. I start winding the thread.

Suddenly, my sewing machine starts running. At furious, full speed. The needle is going up and down, except there's no thread, no bobbin, and no cloth. It is hitting the throat plate, I can see needle marks on the plate.

I check the foot pedal, to see if it is stuck - nope. That isn't it. So I panic, and pull the wire, disconnecting the machine.

It doesn't help. Electricity or not, the machine is still running. The din is staggering. My mother is shrieking, asking me what's wrong. I'm pulling and pushing at everything I can think of, trying to stop the machine. Nothing helps...

And then I woke up, thankfully. Sewing machine nightmares are scary. (And no, I didn't actually go and check on the machine, that would have been too insane. Right?)

In actual sewing news, I finished a skirt since my last post, but I'm waiting for a nice day and an obliging photographer so I can take pictures outside. I'm sick of my It's-winter-I'm-not-going-outside photos.

I've also cut out, in an effort to sew practical things, a cotton sheath dress. The fabric is a beautiful dark-pink silk/cotton mix (it might even be silk - my mother bought it for me, so she'll know.) I've had it in my stash for approximately 3 years. I'm using Vogue 8110 (just realized it has never been reviewed on PR, hmm...), which has also been in my stash for 3 years, an acquaintance who was moving out of Toronto gave it to me. It looks like a pretty simple dress, and I'm hoping to complete it by tomorrow.

Fabricland is having a $2.20 Simplicity pattern sale, so I went to take a look at lunch yesterday. 7 patterns came home with me, sigh. The pattern boxes I have are already overflowing... One of them, Simplicity 2936 was bought only because of its resemblance to the new Collette pattern (Violet). I'm entirely unsure if the loose fit will look good on me, and I rather prefer to find out at $2.20 than $16.

And that's my no-picture, sewing roundup of the day...

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SEWN said...

This had me laughing! I have sewing dreams too!