Wednesday, April 20, 2011

UFO Watch - One off the list

Remember this dress?

Well, it's been sitting in the wadder pile for about 3 years. I don't throw away anything, and I've been meaning to fix it for 3 years.

Well, today I realized that I won't fit into this dress until pigs fly. I tried basting in a zipper, and it wasn't pretty. Some strategic chopping and seam ripping later, it is a skirt. I won't get a ton of wear out of it, though I do think it'll be an interesting thing to wear on a patio during the summer, with a white shirt and a black jacket.

I used my narrow hem foot to do the hem, reasoning that I might as well get some practice here. Still need more practice, the hem is pretty crappy. However, I've decided only a sewist would notice, and I've made my peace with it.


Kristy said...

oh good on you for finishing a pesky UFO! I have far too many and like you can't bring myself to bin them, so I've just shifted some from the UFO pile to the refashioning pile, no difference but I feel better...

I like the green and the slight shine to the fabric, I can envision a beaded black top and some strappy heels for a killer outfit. Sorry, I shouldn't tell you how to wear your skirt I should just make my own!

Clio said...

Good save! I recently used my narrow hem foot for the first time in a while - like you say, I need more practice!

Summerset said...

Great job - it will be more versatile as a skirt.