Monday, May 30, 2011

7 Dresses in 7 Days: In the end, there were 5

What can I say, dear Readers? Thursday night and Friday night involved copious amounts of beer.

I had a blissfully lazy weekend, and finally ended up finishing Dress 6 this morning. Unfortunately, trying it on, it needs some tweaking... (yes, I am aware that normal people try on a dress during the sewing process, not after the zipper is in and the hem is done.) I'm going to try tweaking without touching the zipper, and if that fails, I've some serious ripping in store for me. Entirely my own fault, of course, I should know better. But sometimes, I just get in a sewing groove, what can I say?

I will do photos tonight. (Saturday, the day I was supposed to take pictures? I spent most of it being very, very, very lazy, refusing to get out of my pjs. Good times!)

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KayY said...

Wow - you set yourself a really almost impossible goal and did extremely well! I'm looking forward to the pictures.