Thursday, May 26, 2011

7 Dresses in 7 Days - Slightly hopeful

Well, I didn't set out to sew and blog about 7 dresses in 7 days. It's all I can do to sew these puppies up. Pictures and reviews will have to wait till Saturday.

So - let's summarize the state of the challenge.

Saturday (Day 1) - Dress 1 sewn.
Sunday (Day 2) - Dress 2 half-sewn.
Monday* (Day 3) - Dress 2. Dress 3 started..
Tuesday (Day 4) - Dress 3 finished. I am now a dress behind.
Wednesday (Day 5) - Dress 4 finished. Dress 5 cut out. Dress 6 traced out. I'm still a dress behind.

Wednesday - yesterday - was actually super productive. The dress I chose (McCall 6423) was a knit - very easy, no fitting - especially when I left off the details that made this distinctive - the exposed zippers. I left them off for two reasons. The most important was that I didn't have a suitable zipper in stash, had no time to shop, and really, didn't have much time to fiddle with exposed zippers.

Also, really, exposed zippers are a trend. They will soon be behind us, and I'd rather have a classic dress with interesting seaming. (I made it in black too, so really, short tight little black dress? That thing will kick around in my wardrobe for years.)

I also cut out the next dress, which is a vintage Advance pattern. And I traced a BWOF dress (a one-dot dress - I'm all about making this easy.) So hopefully, tonight I'll finish the Advance dress (dress 5), cut out the BWOF dress, which will leave me finishing the BWOF dress and making another dress tomorrow. Difficult, but not actually impossible. (Especially if I pick another easy knit dress!)

As I was thinking about this challenge, I asked myself - if it came down to it, would I rather use new-to-me patterns, or would I rather finish on time? Because there's plenty of knit patterns I've made before that I can finish in a couple of hours.

But really, I'm incredibly excited that I'm using up these patterns that I buy with the best of intentions, and never end up using. In the end, that's much more important.

* Monday was a holiday for Canada - and I had the day off.


AllisonC said...

I have to be honest, I didn't think you would come anywhere close, but you already have 4 dresses!! Thats amazing!

Claire S. said...

Can't wait to see them !

7 in 7 - It takes forever for me to do 1 ! :-)