Tuesday, May 24, 2011

7 Dresses in 7 Days - Punting?


Monday's dress isn't done, since I did very little work on it yesterday. (I just lazed around all day instead, blissful!)

And I realized - apart from social engagements today and Thursday, I also have a French class I signed up for tomorrow. (My French is barely passable and getting rusty with lack of use, and I've a trip to Paris planned in the fall. French class seemed necessary.)

Part of the 7 Dresses in 7 Days thing - I'm trying to use patterns I haven't used in the past. If it were a familiar pattern, I could maybe just whip it up. For example, I could probably make 7 versions of the Butterick dress without too much trouble. But that wouldn't be as interesting, would it? Plus, I want to use these patterns I buy and never use.

5 dresses to make. 4 days to make them in. 1 full-time job. 3 evening engagements.

I'm not giving up yet. But, this is starting to look like a long shot.

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Kristy said...

it's great to be ambitious, but I have to say best of luck! I'm like you - I don't often get to my sewing machine before 9pm and so only getting in a hour or two of sewing means it takes ages to finish a garment. But I can't wait to see if you meet your self imposed deadline!