Thursday, May 19, 2011

A couple of mini-miracles

Were you wondering if I was floating around in a raft of crankiness? Because the last post was extra, extra cranky.

But no, things have been pretty good!

So, as you know, my sewing machine was making alarming noises, and I was afraid the whole thing was going to fall apart. It was still stitching ok, but it was loud! Anyway, I was sewing a pretty thin fabric, and the stitches were pulling, so I thought I'd rethread and try again. So, I re-threaded, re-inserted my bobbin, changed the tension and tried again.

While I was looking at my bobbin though, I noticed how disgusting my whole bobbin area was, filled with lint and gunk and yuckiness. So - miracle 1 - I decided to clean it out. I took my bobbin cage out, cleaned all the lint out, and put everything back together. And the alarming noise disappeared! (I don't think lint makes machines noisy, I'm guessing that the bobbin cage was loose or something?)

Anyhoo, I'm delighted that my machine is better.

It's a cheap machine, so I hate getting it serviced, since the servicing in Toronto costs as much as the machine. My brother was going to India, so I was going to send it with him to get it fixed there. However, he's going for two weeks, so I would have been without machine for two weeks, and I didn't think I could survive that. Now, I don't have to, yay!

The other miracle, I've been sewing. I went through about a week of sewing-slump, in which every project I touched briefly seemed to fail, and nothing seemed very fun. But on Sunday evening, I gave myself a stern talking-to, and started cutting fabric. I've been working on it in bits and pieces all week, and it's now done! (It helps that I haven't been out much all week and it's a really easy dress.)

Pictures to follow soon, I promise. I would have taken pictures this morning, but I woke up entirely too late. It'll still be daylight when I get home tonight, so I'll take a few pictures then...

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