Thursday, May 12, 2011


I've had a string of sewing failures, and these make me cranky.

The first one was a quilt top. My mom had originally made 12 blocks with white backgrounds as part of a quilt-along. But, she wanted a full-size quilt, not a lap quilt, so I told her I'd make the same blocks, but with black backgrounds, and then we could combine the two to make a black and white quilt.

I made three of the easiest blocks, and then got bored by the project. So, I set it aside... This was back in 2007. (Oops.)

Last week, I helped my mom arrange some fabric on newly-installed shelves, and found these blocks. I thought it might be time to get this project done, once and for all. So, I grabbed fabric from my mom, and got to work.

All of last week, I pieced blocks together. (Apologies to all the quilters out there, but wow, quilting is so boring, and takes so long!)

And then, when I was almost done, I ran out of border fabric. I'm short 1 yard, which I'll have to go to the States for... Aaargh. And aargh again.

So, nothing to show there.

I was cranky about that for a couple of days, but last night, I cleaned my sewing/dining table, got all the crap off it, and decided to start another project. I thought I'd start quilting my woolen quilt top.

I had two packets of quilt binding, so I started sewing it on. Get to the end, and of course, I'd run out of binding, with a half-side left.

In all of this, my machine is making some seriously horrible noises, so I'm going to have to part with it for a bit and get it serviced.

And so, gah. And gah again.

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anuradha said...

Relax,send your machine and it will work again as smoothly as the last time.