Monday, May 02, 2011

A fuzzy picture of a really crumpled dress

I got my mother to take pictures of my Vogue dress over the weekend. Unfortunately, this didn't work out well at all. My camera batteries were dead, so my mother used her camera, which is evidently set to take the lowest resolution pictures possible. So, no ability to zoom in and see details.

The wrinkling, that's my fault. Evidently, this dress wrinkles. I wore it to work on Friday, and wore it again for photos on Sunday, without ironing in-between. And with this fabric, I clearly need to iron it after every single wearing. More sighing.

But, for reader amusement, here is a really fuzzy picture of a really crumpled dress. Unfuzzy, uncrumpled pictures coming soon.


Clio said...

Every so often it's nice to know I'm not the only blogger who posts pictures that don't look professionally done. LOL. I love the color - can't wait to see the "real" photo shoot.

SEWN said...

Gorgeous. I want more pictures with details!