Tuesday, June 21, 2011


My plan on Sunday was to have lunch with my parents. I wore this red dress.

My mother took one look, and called me Santa Claus. And she proceeded to laugh the entire time we were at lunch. Even my normally-diplomatic dad looked and sounded a bit aghast at this dress. And at the end of lunch, my parents drove me back home, my mom made me change out of the dress, and she promptly and immediately took it to the thrift store. Where it will undoubtedly be used as a Santa Claus costume.

Ahem. That's failure, dear Readers. Dramatic, utter, total failure.

"Never been worn" is the fate of this Proenza-Shouler dress.

And this dress has also not left the closet to see daylight (although this is more about needing to lose weight.)

Now, I'm not an advanced sewer, I do fail quite a bit. But these three projects have one thing in common - trying to replicate an existing RTW look. Evidently, I don't know how to do this. I wonder why. Thoughts?

In the meanwhile, I'm soon re-opening myself up to failure. I want to make this ModCloth dress.


Clio said...

Oh no! Well, I for one definitely did not think of Christmas carols when you posted about the red dress.

Glad you are dusting yourself off and getting back in the trenches. Are you going to try to do the back of that dress? It's fabulous!

SEWN said...

I'm with Clio too, I didn't think that when I saw your dress the first time!!! I know what you mean about making clothes that don't match your vision. :(

Audrey said...

Well, maybe it is the wide bands of white trim on the red dress that made your parents think Santa Claus. The style looks very nice on you. I'll bet if you had made the same bands out of a red and white or contrast print, they would not have said a word. I love the Proenza Schouler dress. I like designer designs too. I get caught up in the uniqueness of the design, but before I try and replicate it I ask myself "Where would you wear it? Would you feel comfortable wearing such a distinctive look? and Is it a style that would look good on you? That usually dampens my enthusiasm. Sometimes I will sew a garment just to make a certain style or a decorative detail, even though I know I will probably not wear it much. I still get a great deal of satisfaction out of the creative process. I like the Modcloth dress. I have a white sleeveless top with the same black edged ruffle trim. I can wear white tops, but not white dresses. That would guarantee a food spill disaster would happen.

ME said...

Shame on your mother for being so rude to you.

Reethi said...

@ME - I rely on my mother to tell me when I look ridiculous! It's an important service, I'm grateful she does it. I much prefer knowing, vs. walking around looking like an idiot. And yes, there was something about the weight of the dress, and the color combination - it really didn't flatter me.

Summerset said...

Hmm, I didn't think Santa when you made the dress, but now that your own mother brought it up, well I can see what she means. Oh well, try something else - I've seen you make some really nice things in the past!

Melinda said...

Dust yourself off and try again. I bought this very pattern an I'm having trouble understanding how to affix the neckline to the dress. At least you successfully sewn your together.

Kristy said...

oh dear, it's a sinking feeling when you have a few 'misses' in a row without a few hits in between to keep your spirits high (and your confidence in your sewing high too!).

I find that I'm usually disappointed when I try to replicate RTW, I think it's because i have something tangible to measure it against as well as how it looks on the model. The Modcloth dress looks achieveable though, I'm sure you can make that one a winner.

Kay said...

Sorry hon. It does look a bit Christmas-y to me. I`ve seen elves wearing very similar dresses at my DH`s office Christmas parties.

It`s all a learning experience, but it sure must be very disappointing.
On the bright side, you have a lot of great clothes that fit you, suit your figure and you look gorgeous in them!