Monday, June 27, 2011

The fiasco that is Me-Made-June

What can I say about Me-Made-June? Sigh. I haven't had time to take photos of myself, and I haven't had time to check the flickr group out at all.

About the only thing I've had time to do is wear me-made clothes, which I've been doing pretty faithfully. (Though, I've technically cheated a couple of times by wearing a store-bought tank top underneath super-low cut garments that require it. Whatever.)

But I think that my month's experience has perhaps indicated that the Me-Made-Months and me should part ways.

Don't get me wrong, I love the whole idea of it. I haven't bought any RTW clothes in over a year, maybe even two. (Don't see the point, have too much fabric.) Eventually, I'll shift to being all me-made, just because my store-bought stuff wears out, and I don't buy RTW any more. (In daily life, I'm already at ~30-35% me-made.)

It's the execution I find incredibly cumbersome - I hate taking photos. Since I live by myself, taking photos involves setting up the tripod, carrying it to the balcony, wondering if my neighbours think I'm an idiot, taking photos, uploading photos, editing photos - and so on, and so forth, until I'm at the point of utter madness.

So, no. Unfortunately, the time has come for the sun to set on this little relationship. I am sad, but without regret.


Clio said...

I live with someone, and I still find it hard to get photos taken!

Juanita said...

The thing you describe is exactly what keeps me from signing up for the "me made" months. My blog often stays silent for weeks, not because I'm not doing anything, but because I never seem to get photos.

Carolyn said...

I hear you on taking the photos, it is the tough part of the whole challenge, But you wore me-made so that is a win!, in my book. Well done!
I'm so sad about your Santa Claus dress. I thought it was pretty cute!