Monday, June 06, 2011

The problem with sewing for work...

is that it is a wee-bit boring. Still, I told my inner child to grow up, and cut out fabric for a white shirt last night.

I'm a tiny bit concerned about the fabric. It has self-embossed stripes on it (I'm sure this is the wrong technical term), and these stripes are quite sheer. Sewing an unwearable white shirt would be very, very annoying. (Though I could always use it as a summer-weight jacket, I guess...)

This evening promises to be busy. My parents just got back today from a trip to India, and they are dropping by in the evening. (Parents, if you are reading, bring fabric.) I've been meaning to catch up with a friend as well, and this catching up will take place over beer. I'd really like to get the white shirt done tonight, but realistically, it's just not going to happen.

Tomorrow morning, I have a meeting with some pretty senior people, and I must look grown-up and professional. Since I'm doing Me-Made-June, this limits my options somewhat. I will perhaps pull out my grey dress. Grey = work-appropriate, right?


KID, MD said...

YES! That grey dress is fabulous!!
I need to comment on your blog more. I love all the dresses you've made lately, and your post about color has really had me thinking. And noticing! I wonder if it is color or prints that feel less work appropriate. Do you think a nice saturated purple or blue would feel professional and chic, but still satisfy the need for color?

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I give myself permission to buy the more boring things for work. It's bad enough that I have to tone down my natural love of color but then to have to sew boring things on top of it would be too much.

Clio said...

Yes, the grey dress is chic and office appropriate.

After sewing a bunch of things for work, I agree with you. More fun to sew "play clothes".