Sunday, June 05, 2011

The Mini-Miracle Dress - Simplicity 3803

So, I realized I`d never shown a picture of the dress I made early May. I referred to it in this post.

It came together easily, I sewed it in 15-minute chunks, and it was done in a few days. Sewing in 15-minute chunks, balancing the rest of the stuff I have to do - this kind of balanced sewing is something I frequently aspire to do, but rarely achieve. Perhaps because of that, I`m extra-fond of this dress.

I`m not going to bother with a full-blown review, but the bodice is Simplicity 3803, the skirt is just a rectangle with tucks. The fabric is a thrift store find, I paid $3 for it, which I remember thinking was expensive, since I didn`t actually have a use for this fabric. In retrospect though, I`m very glad I bought it.

The instructions on this pattern are actually pretty good. They have a hand-sewing-free method of attaching the lining to the fabric.

I like hand-sewing-free methods. I see a lot of sewists that talk lovingly of careful hand-sewing - I will confess to not understanding this at all. I like machine sewing, and detest hand-sewing. If I resort to hand-sewing, it`s because I don`t know how to do something by machine, and I should learn.

So, today. I have done no sewing, and am likely to do no sewing. It is a gloriously beautiful day, I think I will spend some time on my balcony instead.


marysews said...

I like how you used borders on this dress. It's very cute!

knottygnome said...

lovely dress. it fits you very well!

i hate handsewing. i try to avoid it whenever possible, but i will resort to handstitched hems only b/c my machine does crappy blind stitch.

Summerset said...

I know you've made a lot of dresses recently, but this my new favorite! This is such a great style for you, and your use of the print was great.

Darsana said...

Beautiful fabric and a fantastic dress!

As a newbie, I'm so happy to hear an advanced sewist commend machine sewing over hand sewing; particularly since all those "correct" couture techniques can be really discouraging when you're starting out.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

This is a really cute dress and a great fabric find! Imagine this much wonderfulness for just $3!

Teddi said...

This is a pretty dress. I love how you used the fabric. I can't believe you found the fabric for $3!
Wonderful job!