Friday, January 27, 2012

In which I throw a tantrum

Ok, I didn't actually throw a tantrum, but wow, did I come close.

So, last night - I'm all ready to sew. I serge my lining seams, I fully construct the lining, and I'm at that final bit, where I attach the lining and the dress together, and voila! I'd be done. I couldn't have had, at that time, much more than 1.5 hours of work.

Before I did that final step though, I decided to try it on - hadn't done that since the zipper was properly inserted, and figured I needed a quick sanity-check fitting.

And of course, my zipper stuck.

It's hopelessly stuck. For no reason whatsoever, as far as I can tell. In the process of tugging at it in sheer annoyance, I've broken bits of it as well. My only recourse right now is to rip the zipper out and replace it. (Of course, I didn't have a zipper in stash for this. Because that would have been easy, wouldn't it?)

If I had remembered to breathe deeply and strive for perspective, I would have noted that this has never happened to me in 4 years of sewing - and I was overdue for a stuck zipper.

I didn't get quite that zen - but I did refrain from flinging things across the room. And then I promptly packed up the project into a little bag, and I'm now going to hide this till I can bear to look at it again. Let's try maybe the middle of February.

I needed two episodes of Doctor Who to help me calm down. Once that had happened, I was able to work on my pants pattern. More on this soon...


Lilian said...

Oooh..this can be sooo annoying.
I worked 1,50 hour today to get a simple zipper in the pants I am sewing. I did everything wrong, just because I wasn't paying attention! But I took a deep breath each time I goofed, and know I'm happy with the result. Hope you'll soon find the 'courage' to pick up your dress again.

anuradha said...

Calm down Reethi,the more we fret the more mistakes we make,sure will be better when you pull it out later.

cidell said...

Yes. This. Totally frustrating!

Maureen said...

Did you try a drop of Sewers Aid on it.