Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm late, I'm late...

Stalled before I even started, dear Readers.

Let me explain. (You know you are going to hear an excuse when a post starts out that way, don't you?)

I went out Monday night for my mom's birthday, Tuesday night for trivia (a weekly thing) and a friend was over for dinner last night. Which means that I haven't really had very much time to sew.

And then there's my sewing table. It is covered in stupid crap from the stupid lined dress I've been making since December. If I put the unfinished bits of that dress away, I might never, ever finish it.

So, I decided that I'd finish the dress first, and then make pants. Which might have worked in a regular week, but not so this week, I just am not at home enough.

Tonight - I have a free night. I'm going to try to finish the dress. It'll probably take the full evening, but it'll be worth it.

Friday, I'm out again. If I wake up early Saturday, I'll have a few hours to sew, but I have plans again from 3pm for the rest of the evening. Sunday, I might get 3 hours to sew, but that will be all.

Overwhelming conclusion? No pants this week.

Unless, of course, a miracle happens, and I magically find more time than I think I have. Let's hope for that, shall we?


Clio said...

Well, since you were going to do 2 pair of trousers, you can probably make up for it next week and get 2 done by the time you planned, no?

Reethi said...

@Clio - maybe... the thing is, I was secretly hoping to be done early, so I could goof off and sew a non-swap project... Bad Reethi. Stick to the plan. :)

Juliet said...

Oh I know how you feel. Life's been getting in the way of my sewing as well. All I want is to sit down and hear that calming whirr of my machine and I have to pack and house and move instead!