Sunday, January 01, 2012

The results of half-assed packing

Dear readers, you might ask - "Why are you wearing a half-finished shirt on the beach?"

Ahem. When you live in Toronto, and decide to head south for the Christmas holidays, there's a certain insouciance associated with the packing. You pack a couple of pants, a sweater, and a couple of tops, and then you are done.

And so, when I had to go to the beach, I looked among my clothes, and realized I had no layering clothes. And I *needed* layers. Hence, I pulled out my half-finished shirt, layered it over a navy blue henley, tossed a jacket over, and consented to leave the warmth of the car. :)

Shirt details - A nice basic - BWOF 02-2009-108, previously made here. I've still to finish the neck, arms and hem the thing. Either tonight, or when I get back home.


AllisonC said...

I know if that were me once it has been worn and deemed good enough I would never get around to finishing the hems so good luck!!

polaichukkuve said...

quite beautiful...