Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A pair of pants is on the sewing table right now...

and I might have temporarily misplaced my sewing mo-jo. I know exactly why - cutting lining. I hate and loathe cutting lining. The damn thing is slippery and it moves, and I'm very annoyed with it. And - I made a mistake cutting it out as well. It's fixable, but I'm annoyed by the whole thing.

So, my dad called me an hour ago, asking if I'm going to be at home tomorrow evening, because he's coming to pick up my sewing machine to take it to be serviced. Aargh. I whined a little - despite the lack of mo-jo, I'm not ready to give up my sewing machine for the weekend. Especially because it's a long weekend here. He's now picking it up (as a result of the whining) on Friday, and I should hopefully get it back Sunday evening. Which is not bad at all.

Which also means, I have a couple of hours tonight, and a couple of hours tomorrow night to finish my pants before my sewing machine leaves for the weekend. I wonder if I can get it done.

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Clio said...

My machine ought to be serviced, too. I just can't stand being without it.