Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A lace top - BWOF 02-2009-108

Friday night saw me in front of my closet, complaining that I had nothing to wear to a classical music concert I was about to go to.

With some hesitation, I reached for my yet-to-be-seen-on-blog cream lace top. I'd finished this about a month back, but have never worn it out - I look fat, hooker-ish, or both, the lace trend might be over, blah, blah. (Cranky mutterings about my still-useless, still-overcrowded gym.)

The concert was lovely. As for the shirt? You tell me.

Apologies for the crappy pictures - they were taken during the intermission inside Kroener Hall with my Blackberry. I was in the nose-bleed section, but there were still enough people around that I was pretty self-conscious about having my picture taken (how do fashion bloggers do it?)

Technical details about the shirt:

Pattern notes: BWOF 02-2009-108 was one of the patterns I'd taken to Myrtle Beach to sew on vacation. It's really simple - front, back & sleeves, and that made it perfect to fiddle with. On that vacation, I made this t-shirt with the same pattern, and also the bodice of this dress.

Fabric notes: The lace fabric is a relatively recent addition to my stash, bought around last summer, when the lace trend was peaking. I'm afraid it's peaked a bit though, which makes my top seem so last-season!

Construction notes: I was concerned that the lace would unravel when I cut it, but it didn't, and hemmed up pretty easily. On the sleeves, I just used the selvage as a hem (lazy!)

Also, this pattern is designed for a knit. The lace has a tiny bit of stretch to it, but really, I should have added a zipper. I didn't - it does fit without, but I need to be careful putting it on, for fear it might rip. Next time, center back zipper!


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I think you look lovely in your top...and no lace is not over yet...so you are still right on trend!

AllisonC said...

I think a cream lace top is pretty classic so you should be able to wear it till it falls apart (which I'm sure it won't!).

SEWN said...

I agree with Carolyn and Allison. It looks great and people at my workplace are still wearing lace tops.

Clio said...

I've seen tops like this in mainstream retail shops in the last week or two, so I think it's still on trend. And there's nothing hookerish about it at all! I think it was perfect for a classical concert and is very pretty on you.

Courtney said...

I think the top looks really lovely on you.

anuradha said...

I agree,it looks pretty on you.

Corie said...

Well done!