Sunday, April 01, 2012

2012 First Quarter sewing

A quarter of the year is over, dear Readers, and it seemed time for a catch-up post on what I've sewed. I had the hardest time making last year's end-of-the-year list, and I figured it would be easier if I did it every quarter, no?

So, here's what I've sewn in the first quarter of 2012:

1. Greige version of BWOF 09-2010-122. (March)
2. Winter orange dress - modified BWOF 02-2009-108 (January)

1. Flowered top - Simplicity 2936 (March)
2. Light green & white shirt - McCalls 6035 (March)
3. Lace top - BWOF 02-2009-108 (January)
4. Cowl-neck t-shirt in browns and blues - McCalls 6078 (February)
5. Red t-shirt - Simplicity 2933 (February)
6. Black and tan shirt - modified BWOF 02-2011-114 (January)
7. Grey and pink version of BWOF 06-2011-106 (January)

1. Grey pants - drafted from RTW (February)
2. A pair of pants not on the blog yet.

I always find these kinds of lists interesting - to see what I default to. Evidently, this quarter, it was tops. I do need tops, though I'm not sure still if I'm making the kind of tops I really need (solids, not prints.)

Also, 11 things sewn, keeping rough pace with my 1 garment a week output of last year. I plan to slow this down next quarter - I have a lot of travel coming up, and I want to start sewing more involved projects, not quick-and-easy pieces.

How has your first quarter of 2012 been? Talk to me. :)


Clio said...

Wow, you are so productive! Lemme think, I've got 2 dresses, a diaper bag for a friend, a clutch purse, something else I'm about to reveal, and several muslins for my in-progress leather jacket. This is actually kind of a lot for me - I tend to tackle long, slow projects.

anuradha said...

Wow,that's a lot!Congratulations!

AllisonC said...

You're doing great, and you have lots of useful separates. I just checked my tally and I'm on 12 which surprised me - though there are some easy pieces in there.

Carolyn said...

You've been so productive! and made a whole lot of really great wardrobe options. I think an item a week is a very good goal, and one I've been trying to stick to roughly too. And like you, I've been making a lot of tops!

Lilian said...

That's an impressive list!! You've made yourself gorgeous outfits. The 'greige dress' is still my favourite but the grey pants are great too. That fit is perfect!
I'm afraid I've only made 6 items so far. But the 7th one is on the go.