Wednesday, April 04, 2012

I have too much fabric...

So, King Textiles in Toronto is moving (around the corner, so not a big move), and they had a sale recently - a bunch of fabric for 20% off. (Not really much of a sale, since you can get 10% off anytime, really.)

Still, I went. Wisely though, I had a strategy - I recruited a male, non-interested-in-sewing friend to follow me around the store and keep telling me I have too much fabric. It worked - sort of - I only bought 4 pieces of fabric.

In any case, I really have too much fabric. And the reason I'm reminding myself of this is that this weekend, I'm going to be in New York*, visiting family. I'll be in the burbs most of the weekend, but on Friday, I'll be in the city, and I've carved out an hour or so to go see some fabric. The last time I was in New York, I went a bit crazy, and bought ~15 pieces of fabric. As best I know, I've only sewn up 1 piece - which strongly suggests I really shouldn't buy anything. But of course, my will power has a way of eroding when I'm in a store...

Sadly, the Museum at FIT is closed for Easter.

In other news, my Vogue dress for the SWAP is done. I've also discovered that my planned trip to Florida for a friend's wedding is not the last weekend in April, but the first weekend in May. Super! Now, I have two more weeks to finish.

* I would have loved to meet up with my fellow sewing bloggers! Alas, I'm going to be busy with family stuff, and I'm assuming everyone will be doing the same, since it's Easter weekend.


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Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Enjoy your trip and I hope you don't do too much damage! The next time you're in NYC, let me know...I would love to meet you!