Monday, May 14, 2012

I love outsourcing!

Outsourcing my quilting, I mean.

Once again, I sent off a quilt top to be quilted, and lo-and-behold, like magic, it came back all done.

At the time, I was a little meh about the quilt top, but wow, it looks amazing! I'm pleased as punch.

I still need to bind it, of course, but binding a quilt is relatively easy. I foresee only a few months of procrastination.


anuradha said...

Fantastic!Both the blocks blend se well.

Elaray said...

I recently finished my 3rd quilt top. I'm deciding whether to have it professionally quilting or wrestle with it myself. I feel like it's no longer "my quilt" if I send it to someone else. I'm trying very hard to get over that feeling, because quilting is not as much fun as piecing for me. It's good to there are other people who don't quilt their own tops.