Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Sewing plans for May

I'm one of those people that love to plan - lists are my favorite things! (Executing these plans - that's a different matter entirely.)

Anyhoo, there's a couple things I'd like to participate in the next few months, plus a vacation I'd like to sew for, etc. Plans seemed to be a good thing...

Here's the list:

1. PatternReview Contest - BestPatterns contest. I'm planning on sewing Simplicity 2443 - the very cool Cynthia Rowley jacket, in a cream/beige solid. (Fabric from stash, a gift from my aunt. Thanks, Chandrama!)

Best of Patterns 

The deadline: May 15. (Umm, get going, Reethi.)

2. PatternReview Contest - One Yard Challenge. During PR Weekend in Montreal (way back in 2009, I believe, gulp!), I bought this gorgeous green fabric with bright pink flowers on it, expressly to make a simple skirt. The fabric was $17 a yard, and I therefore only bought a yard. I'm going to sew it on the cross-grain. I'm searching for the perfect pattern for this - I'd like a minimum of seams, so as to not break the pattern up.

 The One Yard Challenge

The deadline: Also May 15. (I guess I know exactly what I'm doing this weekend.)

3. The 2012 Summer 6PAC Seasonal Collection Sew-Along is intriguing. I'm going to use whites and beiges as my two basic colours, I think. Related to this, I'll be sewing...

4. I've told myself the only way I can buy a June Burda Style magazine is to sew one thing from the May issue, and one from the April issue. For May, I want to sew pattern 127 - it's a jacket, in a white eyelet (possibly underlined to give it a bit of structure.)

5. And from the April issue, the cool sailor pants. (I can't be bothered to navigate the increasingly piss-poor Burda web pages. Burda's one of the few companies whose web presence seems to get worse over time, not better. Its rather staggering in it's complete lack of functionality.) The sailor pants - I'm thinking in a white linen-looking fabric.

6. If I magically find spare time after all of this, I'd like to sew a cream cardigan and a cream inner shell. My fabric is wool, which might be a bit warm for May, but (a) Toronto weather is unpredictable, (b) my store-bought cardigans are crying to be replaced and (c) I need to use the stash!.

4, 5 and 6 will work with the constraints of the 6PAC sew along. 

7. Also, if I magically find time, another pair of PJs. I've been living in the pair I made for the PJ Party, I love it to death, and making another one sounds lovely!

Ahem. Well, I'm certainly ambitious, right? 8 items, 20 days? Sweet, crazy Reethi.


Claire S. said...

While I suspect you can pull this off, in my world it would be delusional ! LOL - Waiting to see the results.

I was thinking about the one yard wonder contest - what do you mean it's only til the 15th !!!? It's entirely likely I may not manage to sew 1 yard in 1 week - how pitiful is that ?

And your green fabric, I can lessen your gulp by 1 year - PR Montreal was 2010 :-)

BTW - dates are still up in the air but I'm supposed to be in TO for a couple weeks and will shoot for a free day - if it happens at all it would be June 2 - Connie knows & I also want to send an email to Sue, maybe we could get together.

sophie (monbouton) said...

wow! all that! I'm looking forward to seeing all your creations :)

Juliet said...

Nothing like some ambitious plans! I'm looking forward to seeing everything. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who grapples with the Burda website - is that thing a monster or what?!

Carolyn said...

I like your sewing plans! A colour scheme of cream and beige sounds absolutely beautiful, very much to my taste too :)
Good luck with your creations! and thank you so much for the lovely comment on my dress too