Thursday, November 08, 2012

Butterick 5206 - So nice, I made it thrice!

This is my third version of Butterick 5206.

Dear readers, I love this pattern. I really, really do. It sews up easy, it has sleeves, the neckline is flattering, it's easy to wear, I love everything about it.

Version 1 was a dark print. Version 2 was a black solid - which unfortunately has a big fabric fade right in the middle of the skirt. I'm planning on dyeing it though - it is super flattering, and I want it to work.

This light print is version 3. I've had this fabric in stash for atleast 3 years - I think it was a Fabricland buy. I didn't have enough fabric to make the sash (which is a serious fabric hog), so I left it out, and am wearing it with a store bought belt.

I made my usual modifications - I shortened the bodice by an inch, and the skirt by a bit to get it to hit right about at the knee.

Pattern instructions - a bit silly, really - they wanted me to bind the edge with knit bias binding. Umm - it's a knit. It really doesn't need to be cut on the bias. I used a strip cut from straight grain (the less stretchy side), folded the strip into half, and then sewed the raw edge of the strip to the wrong side of the fabric - then flipped it to the front, and top-stitched on the right side. This way is much better, really, if I say so myself.

Once summer rolls around, I'll definitely made the short sleeve version! Probably, many times!

Now, for a spot of UFO finishing. An easy one - all I have to do is hem! 


Clio said...

Wow this really is YOUR pattern - very flattering and I like it with the RTW belt!

sophie o. said...

this dress looks great!! and the fabric is really nice.. it makes me want to try this pattern now :)

Gillian said...

It looks great! I love how the skirt drapes on you!

ME said...

I love it! It looks neat, cheerful and is very flattering on you. You should wear more of those colors.

Jean C. said...

Great dress... the colors do look wonderful on you!