Monday, November 05, 2012

SWAP 2013 - the rules are here!

Yes! I've been impatiently lurking the Stitcher's Guild SWAP boards for about a month and a half, and the rules are finally out!

As much as sewing a SWAP wardrobe gets tiring, the clothes I make there really do get used. I've worn my hoodie heaps of times,  my purple flowered dress became one of my most-used summer dresses, especially to work, and my pants! It's been cold here, and I've been reaching for these lined pants every other day, practically.

Which makes me pretty excited about another SWAP. Wardrobe holes - lined pants, lined sleeved dresses, fun little tops - all of these can be filled by the SWAP.


Clio said...

Sigh. Some day I will have to do a SWAP. I just can't seem to stick with a plan, so project-by-project is more feasible for now. ;-)

gentlydowntheseam said...

Come on! You can't say SWAP and not share your plans or ideas or what patterns..

Spit it out, we can't handle the suspense!