Friday, January 11, 2013

Moroccan Morning - sneak peek!

A couple of Saturdays ago, it was cold outside, and I sat down and worked on a quilt pattern all day. I promptly sent it off to my mother, and since that moment, have been calling her daily to check on its progress.

(She's in serious rebellion at this point, dear Readers. Evidently, she wants to work on her own quilting projects - not just test out my patterns. Bizarre!)

Anyway - she sent me this photo of the partially completed quilt top last night (at midnight. If I were a nicer human being, I'd be feeling guilty.)

Isn't it rather fabulous? I certainly think so. It definitely helps that blue and yellow happen to be one of my favorite colour combinations.

This pattern should be ready to go in about a month or so - I've realized that in the quilt pattern business - the perfect photo matters a lot! So - she'll finish the top, we'll send it off for quilting, it'll come back & I'll bind it, and then, I'll take photos, PDF the pattern, and put it up on Craftsy/Etsy. Lots of work. Good times!

In the meanwhile, I'll just admire this photo.


Kay said...

That's beautiful!!!

And Reethi, thank you!! I will take you up on your offer... it's 2010 / 6 issue that I've looking for. It can wait a few months though and I'll reach out to you! Thanks again! That's very sweet of you to offer!

Gail said...

Very beautiful! Reminds me of the tiles on mosques in Turkey!