Monday, January 14, 2013

Sewing with a grudge

Dear readers, do you remember this amazing quilt my mother made for my brother? 

Looks pretty amazing on my bed, no? But they wouldn't let me keep it.

No lie, I think it's by far the best quilt my mother has ever made. 

So, the quilt top was completed in February, and then it sat around at my parents for a while, then my mother sent it off to be quilted, it came back from the quilting, and I offered to bind it for her. 

Sigh. And so it sat around again for a few months, as I procrastinated on the ~2 hour chore. (I don't like sewing for other people.) 

New Year, New Reethi. Or so I'd like to think. Plus, I wanted the space in my fabric closet, so I got to work today, spent a few hours on it, and voila! (Funny story that - there's never an ill wind that blew no good. I was unexpectedly home this morning waiting for some roofers to show up to patch a hole in my roof. On the plus side, it gave me a few unscheduled hours to sew. On the minus side, they told me I need a new roof. Houses. Sigh.) 

Nice binding, right? My sole contribution to this project. 
Which makes my first finish of 2013 a project for someone else. Gah. I now know why the Selfish Seamstress calls it Sewing with a Grudge.


anuradha said...

WOW!It does look "GOOD"!

Kay said...

Beautiful quilt, Reethi! Your mom makes lovely quilts!

About Houses - yes, the surprises(!) always involve money! Last summer, we changed the roof, windows - just on top floor and now its time to work on the basement already.