Friday, September 06, 2013

A quick top - McCall's M6751

 Dear readers, this has been the summer of obligation sewing - not a good feeling. There have been three baby quilts, some hand-embroidery for a friend's wedding, assorted mending, and so on and so forth.

Not surprisingly, I've been on a sewing slump. Let's be honest, mending does not inspire me.

I needed a little trifle to cheer me up, and so, on Wednesday night, I quickly whipped up this little top. McCalls 6751 - view C. (Fall is definitely in the air, and this is the most out-of-season make. Nonetheless. It was quick and easy, and I wanted results!)

The fabric was a gift from my parents, bought on a recent trip to India. (Unfortunately, not stash. I've decided anything bought in 2013 does not count as stash sewing.) It is 100% cotton, and feels all kinds of soft and luxurious. Also, it presses easily and well. I didn't prewash, and I'm hoping it doesn't shrink.

Pattern sizing, changes - I made a small, and took out 1" off the length at the marked alteration lines to petite-size it.

Thoughts on the pattern? I love the front. It's got that loose unstructured vibe, but it isn't unflattering. It's exactly what I was looking for. Other likes - the high low hem, the square neckline.

The back? Less love. If it isn't hitched up at the right point on the shoulder, the back just looks sloppy. If hitched up, it looks better, but in either case, this is not flattering. (Also, I think it's probably about an inch too long, maybe?)
Slouchy back

Hiked up back. Not a lot better.

Pattern instructions? Not sufficient. I've been sewing for a while, and can muddle through, but basically, there's two layers in the back, and the hemming instructions offered no guidance on whether you were supposed to hem them together or separately. I hemmed them together, but that can be prone to some bagging if you don't get the hem exactly even, and there's probably a better way/order to put this top together. Given this is an easy pattern, probably geared towards a beginning sewist, better instructions should be a must.

Overall - A good make, with some quibbles. But I'm going to cut out and make the view D soon, so maybe I'll be happier with that. But at the end of the day, a make, just for me, made up just because I felt like it? Happy happy days.

Mine. Mine. All mine. My precious.


Clio said...

I'm having a year of obligation knitting. I feel your pain.

But I really like this top on you. Could you add bra strap keepers to the inside of the shoulders to help keep the top where it should be?

Tute here if you don't know what I mean:

Anonymous said...

Well, it's nice to be able to sew something for you after all the obligation sewing. I think the top is cute!

Anonymous said...

Was going to write that you should have made it longer so I could wear it (you guessed it your cousin here). Then I read your title...:) Looks great....if i buy the pattern i will be calling to ask for better instructions :)

Jean C. said...

Cute, maybe undo the sides and take off 3/4 of an inch each before closing back up? That would bring in the back a little. Plus, since you didn't wash b/4 hand... maybe hand wash in cold and drip dry... that will save your cute little top from shrinking! :)