Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Another quick top - McCalls 6510

I'm nurturing along my sewing mo-jo like it's a skittish colt. I feed it gently, I make no sudden movements, I sew the easiest of easy makes.

Including this one, which, in essence, is a glorified rectangle. (Yes, vs. drafting it myself - somehow, I thought it was better to spend 99c at a JoAnn's McCalls sale buying a pattern of a rounded up rectangle. You may mock the laziness now.)

For a simple pattern, this did give me a bit of trouble - the neck is super wide and deep - I need to wear a tank top for modesty - plus I raised the neck at the shoulders by at least an inch, and then it was too long, so I took an additional 3.5 inches off the entire thing. Still, given that the thing is the easiest  pattern to sew, ever - even with all the trouble I had, it took only a couple of hours of actual effort to make.

Laziness caused me to serge the hem, vs. actually sewing it. Meh. You can't see it, it doesn't matter.

During the make, I felt like this was speeding, head-first into failure-land. Somehow, though, it turned out quite okay. Yay! (And double-yay - this is old, old stash, bought ages ago at a Wal Mart. I bought one yard, I have just bits and pieces left.)

You'll have to excuse the lack of jewelry, make up, and coordinated clothes. It's hot; I spent a fair bit of time this evening making tomato sauce, plus I was roasting potatoes in the oven. It would be the understatement of the year to say that I couldn't be fussed with primping in the middle of all that. 


Jennifer C said...

Cute top :)

Anonymous said...

Love it! ail need to get this one for myself

Linda T said...

Looks cute, comfy and cool. My kinda top!

Carolyn said...

Look comfy, stylish and cool! I love that you overlocked the lower edge. Sometimes we just gotta do what we just gotta do :D