Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It fell off a cliff...

My sewing mojo, that is. This is the first time since I started sewing that I've completely not felt like sewing, and I'm very perturbed.

Not coincidentally, my social life is busier, although when people I haven't spoken to for a while ask me what's going on with me, my stock answer is Nothing Much. Which is true. So, I'm busy doing a lot, but not anything really meaningful. Again, perturbing.

Friday, I'm trying to keep one of my new year resolutions - to cook one new dish a week. So far, I've really not kept this resolution well, but on Friday, I've invited people over to dinner, and hope that this will spur me to cook something new.

I started work on my first Vogue dress last month, before the sewing mojo fell off a cliff. Maybe I'll finish it this week? Here's to hoping.

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Christina said...

You know, now would be a good time to take your SM machine in for maintenance/cleaning if it needed it. Then, because you don't have access to your machine, your sewing mojo will most certainly return!