Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Movie night eating...

Read more here about the Madhur Jaffrey project - one of my 2010 goals. For an index of recipes, click here.

Tuesday's become quite the movie night chez moi. Today was the first 30 minutes or so of Four Christmases, then I gave up (it was not good) and watched Ghost World instead, which was better.

To accompany the movie was dinner, of course.

Dinner - December 1st - Plain Gujarati Karhi, Dry potatoes cooked with mustard seeds, Green beans cooked with mustard seeds and red pepper and store bought naan

Cooking Notes:

- While most of the recipes I've cooked so far are new to me, the Gujarati Karhi is one of my go-to recipes. It takes 15 minutes to make, start to finish, and is absolutely delicious. The cookbook's copyrighted, but here's a recipe for it I found on the internet. Similar enough...
- Both the potato and green beans are South Indian recipes, and were almost identical to versions I make sans recipe.
- I used long beans instead of green beans, but this is an authorized-by-Madhur-Jaffrey substitution (in the recipe notes.)
- All recipes, unless otherwise stated, turn out delicious. No exception here, everything was very tasty.

Saturday night, before my friend's housewarming, I quickly mixed up the Tamarind-Mint chutney. Which means that sometime this week, I hope to do some deep-frying so that the chutney can serve as a dipping sauce. I loathe to deep-fry; I live in an apartment, and it is winter. The entire apartment will reek of smoking oil. Still, up to right now, I've been cooking the relatively easier stuff, and I don't want to leave all the fiddly, PIA recipes for the end.

November 28 - Tamarind-Mint Chutney

Parting Shot: This is one of Biscuit's favorite sleeping/hanging-out spots. The top of the couch. Crazy cat...


Christina said...

I so wish I was your neighbor and could come over for dinner every night :)

Next time I do a knit top I will take some pics of how I apply the interfacing to the hem to share on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Reethi- Swami is starting a rival website..Madhur Joshi..he is challenging u rite now as we read this...he will cook everything u cook in Joshi..and we will post on his rival site..
karandi priya
P.S. awesome pics