Thursday, January 07, 2010

First cooking of the year

Read more here about the Madhur Jaffrey project - one of my 2010 goals. For an index of recipes, click here.

I've been slow to get back into the swing of cooking since returning from vacation. But yesterday, while watching Ocean's Thirteen, I did a bunch of chopping, and I cooked up some of it today.

First up, on Jan 3rd, late at night, I was a bit peckish, but was too lazy to cook. Hence, salt lassi. (Whip yoghurt, water and salt up in a blender for a couple seconds, pour into a glass, and drink. My kind of lazy food.)

Jan 3, 2010 - Salty Lassi

And now, the fruits of Oceans Thirteen's chopping.

In the bowl, Brown Rice, Okra fried with onion and green chili and Oily toovar dal with cloves. The oily toovar dal looks completely disgusting in the packaging, but is quite tasty when the oil is rinsed off.

Jan 7, 2010 dinner: Okra fried with onion and green chili and Oily toovar dal with cloves.

I made the okra for lunch, it was delicious, and quick to make. (The cutting takes time, but the cooking is quick.)

I also made a good stash of food for the week.

Jan 6, 2010: Eggplant cooked with crushed mustard seeds and yoghurt.

The eggplant is really good, but the sauce is quite bitter. The recipe notes say it should be eaten with Indian bread, which I think will cut the bitterness quite nicely.

Jan 7, 2010: Green bell peppers cooked with chickpea flour

Food confession - I don't like green bell peppers. I actually seriously loathe green peppers. I tasted this though - and it is quite tasty. (I'm never going to voluntarily buy and cook green pepper though.) I'll sample a bit, for the sake of the project, and then feed it to my parents.

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Chicago Sarah said...

Looks yummy. On the sewing machine- it's great for pj pants but haven't really tried it out for anything else yet. It did seem to hesitate a bit over the lumps (seam over seam for cuffs) which makes me nervous...