Thursday, April 22, 2010

Causing inspiration

Most of my family is very structured in their crafting. My mom and cousin for example like to go shopping for all the supplies for a quilt, follow a pattern, and then make it. I am *significantly* less structured, I find fabric, I start piecing, and if it looks terrible, all I've wasted is time.

However, my waste-not quilt caused great stirrings in my family. My cousin was so inspired that she pulled out her stash, asked me how I made this quilt, and promptly got to work.

I'm so pleased! I inspired my cousin to actually use the bits and pieces in her stash.

And look how pretty her quilt is!

This quilt is made using the Roundabout pattern in the Piece and Play book by Judy Martin.


Stephanie said...

I like the quilt... what a great idea to use up scraps. I like the idea of me-made-may but just think I have enough to pull it of. Spring has me out in the flower beds and yard... but maybe.

And Happy Belated Birthday!

anuradha said...

The Quilt top is LOVELY!

Anonymous said...

OH thank you everyone for the kind the cousin who followed the shinning example set by the enlightened quilting cousin ;) ..i also attached batting and quilted on my machine feeling very accomplished..thanks O cousin!