Friday, April 09, 2010

New additions to the sewing library

I've a small, but growing collection of sewing books. (As I write this, I pause to reflect that at one time, I barely had a stash. Sigh. Must prevent stash of sewing books.)

I recently added three books to this.

I'm really excited by these three. I browsed through David Coffin's books when I requested them from the library, but I quickly realized I wanted to own these.

The Tailoring Jacket book was a bit of an impulse buy, but I was browsing through it a couple nights ago (classic bedtime reading, don't you think?), and I think its pretty awesome. It talks about things like notched collars, pad stitching, welt pockets, etc - stuff that's scattered through the Internet, and nice to have in one place.

Full disclosure: For what it is worth, I'm an Amazon affiliate. If you click on the links above, and buy the books, I'll get a tiny little bit of money. (Like a penny or something.) I actually don't care about this tiny bit of money, so feel free to shop anywhere you want.

(If you do buy through Amazon, be warned that the pant-making book takes forever to ship, and you'll be very impatient by the time it gets to you. Ask me how I know.)

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