Monday, April 12, 2010

Sewing updates, and a zillion other thoughts...

I'm hoping I can put in some serious time tonight on my Vogue dress. So far, I've sewn the side seams and the shoulder seams, I've basted in the zipper, but the back is a bit puffy. My theory is that it is puffing because it doesn't fit well, plus the fabric is too thin and the weight of the zipper is causing it to sag. So, I need to unpick the zipper, interface the fabric around the zipper, and then pin it in place before I baste it again.

What's left on the dress?
- The above mentioned zipper thing.
- Adjusting the side seams a bit - the fit needs a tiny bit of tweaking.
- Inserting the collar.
- Setting in sleeves.
- Hemming.

Ok, so, atleast for me, more than an evening's work.

Now, for the zillion other thoughts.

Thought 1: I managed to sew 30 minutes this weekend.

Yup. An entire 30.

This is ridiculous, people. All I seem to do nowadays is cook. The Madhur Jaffrey project is driving me crazy.

(There, I said it out loud.)

Although, the sad bit is, I do enjoy cooking. A little less cooking would, however, be nice. Or rather, a bit more time for sewing would be nice.

Thought 2: I really want to sew a birthday dress. My birthday is next Monday, but Saturday's the day I'm hanging out with friends. So, I want a dress for Saturday.

The problem? Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday? Plans all three evenings. All of which involve beer. I'm not going to sew after drinking beer (for obvious, rotary-cutter-can-cause-serious-damage reasons). So, I might find 30 minutes each day to sew. I cannot make a dress in 1.5 hours.

The dress I want to make - a dark, navy-blue cotton version of View C below, with no sleeves.

It isn't a difficult dress, I just have no time.

Friday? A friend is in town for the weekend. She's driving down from Michigan for my birthday. I'll be hanging out with her, not sewing.


Thought 3: Lately, my sewing has been really scattered and incohesive. Nothing matches anything else, and therefore, I have nothing to wear. So, here's a resolution - using the navy blue to create some basics. I want to sew:

- The above described M5466 dress.
- A jacket and a pencil skirt.
- Pants.

I also want to sew:

- A spring coat.
- A couple of print skirts - but importantly, with matching jackets. I can pull off a pretty skirt for work, like this one, as long as it is anchored by a serious-looking jacket of some kind.
- And about a zillion more things, really.

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anuradha said...

Go after dreams!sew a dress for your birthday,it will make you HAPPY!come back home sooner with less beer,so,rotary disaster will not happen,call if you need help......