Thursday, April 08, 2010

Using it all up

I tend to think of my fabric in little collections.

For example, pictured above is the collection I've mentally called the "1-meter fabrics my mom got me from India." (Yes, the name is very *literal*. Some work is required.)

Two years after acquisition, I've finally used it all up. Two skirts, one shirt, a tiny bit less in stash.

Reviews/blog entries for the individual pieces - here, here and here.


AllisonC said...

Pretty impressive getting those pieces out of 1 metre. I'm hanging onto remnants in my stash that look big enough for something, but actually will have to be dolls clothes!

anuradha said...

That was fabulous use of 1mt. pieces!The colour is rich and the cotton is beautiful!My personal favourite is the skirt in the middle!