Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sewing update...

I opted to stay in last night, and do a bit of sewing. I was working the navy blue pencil skirt (McCalls 5817) that's part of my May-Mini-Wardrobe.

This skirt has been stalled for a couple of reasons. First - I made the pattern up in a straight size 12 (shown here on day 14), but I've been a bit unhappy with the fit. The back is distinctly too loose and it makes my butt look large and shapeless. So, I knew that in this version, I'd have to play around with fit to get it to fit properly.

Second, and typically, I didn't cut my lining out right away. When I don't do this, I almost always procrastinate on a project. Adding to the heel-dragging, my lining was Bemberg rayon, and I've heard rayon shrinks, and I didn't want to create a dry-clean only skirt, therefore the lining needed to be pre-washed. Ok, laundry + cutting? This pretty much guarantees a project will never get finished.

Anyway, I actually steeled myself to do a load of laundry, and I even cut the lining out earlier this week. Monday night, I basted the skirt to tweak the fit, and I think I'm happy with where it stands right now.

Last night, I constructed the skirt. Tonight, I've a small block of spare time again(yay!!!!), and I'll finish it. I'd have kept going last night, but I had a morning meeting at work that I needed to be awake for, so I forced myself to get to bed before midnight.

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