Monday, December 20, 2010

Sewing pattern review - McCalls 6069

Fabric: Some kind of knit I bought at G Street over the summer. It was $2.97 a yard, I think I bought 2 yards, and I used most of it on this dress.

Pattern: McCalls 6069

Pattern adjustments: I cut a size 10. I took a bit out of the bodice bottom, and a bit out of the skirt top (maybe an inch each?) to petite-size.

Time taken: Not the promised hour - how do they count this? I took ~4 hours, but some of it was also watching the Patriots game, so I was pretty distracted.

Favorite bits: I love the cowl, I've been wanting a cowl knit t-shirt for a long time, and this is a good substitute.

Unfavorite things: Ah, here goes, quite a bit actually.

- I've already complained about the bunching of fabric at the waist. Still don't like it.
- I hate how low the back is. In every picture I took, I can see my bra strap. That's too low, people. I need to figure out how to raise the back.
- It keeps falling off my shoulder. Right now, its pinned to my bra, and I still have to keep adjusting it.

(The back.)

In conclusion: I'm thinking of this one as a barely-wearable muslin. I need to think of a way to tweak this so I can keep the awesome bits (the cowl) and adjust the fit better.

(I tried it with a jacket as well, but I think it just makes me look square.)


narcissaqtpie said...

It's cute! Maybe try a longer jacket or a brighter color like red or fuchsia.

marysews said...

I like it, and if you don't want it. Wait, who said that?

The back is a little low, so maybe you could wear a colorful camisole under it. With the print, nobody can see the "bunching" you have reported at the waist. I think you should shorten the cross-strap a little more, as you mentioned previously.

Christiana said...

It's a cute dress and it looks great on you. To resolve the "shoulder slide" you could try removing the back strap and replacing it with an adjustable "spagetti" tie in the back. It may lower the back a bit, but that could be resolved with a nice colourful camisole underneath.


Clio said...

hmmm... I like the dress in theory (the cowl is great!), but I can see that it has some flaws in it's current form. Have you considered sewing in bra strap guards so that the dress stays put? The you can address the low back.