Monday, March 14, 2011

BWOF 04-2010-120 Jeans

*Warning - look at your own peril. It ain't pretty. I have a whole new set of body issues after stitching these jeans and looking at the pictures.*

Dear Readers, despite the evidence in these pictures, I have an ass that does not sag! Ouch. Truly, f***ing-awful fit. Seriously.

(And all of you that are screaming, Reethi - why didn't you make a muslin? Point well-taken.)

Ok, when I finished these jeans last night, here's what they looked like.


And back.

F***ing awful, right? The kind that'd would inspire anyone to throw the world's biggest tantrum, fling their machine across the room and pout for the rest of the night?

I did none. (Ok, I pouted.)

I desperately needed to salvage these. Though I'm the kind of person that never messes with a completed project, in this case, the completed project was hideous and utterly unwearable.

So, I ripped seams, and randomly basted, pinching out volume at the butt and back thigh, and experimenting till it got slightly better.

New front:

New back:

New side:

An infinitely tiny bit better. Fat day jeans.

Ugh. Just ugh. And more ugh.

I will say this though. This experience has only made me angry and motivated. I usually don't think of myself as motivated and conscientious. But - I will get this right. I will not allow a pair of (more swearing here) pants to beat me.


AllisonC said...

The changes you made definitely improved the fit a lot and they look at least as good as most RTW now if that makes you feel any better. The leg shape and length though is difficult for us mere mortals to pull off, maybe try a pattern with a slightly longer leg and more of a boot cut flare? When you can face making another pair that is.....!

arnysews said...

You are not alone - I get that exact same fit with Burda pants as well. I think there is something fundamentally wrong with the draft which is a shame as Burda are my go to pattern source. Good on you for persevering and best of luck, I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Clio said...

OUCH. Pants are so hard to fit. And here I was thinking about using Burda for my next pants because they are supposed to be so superior.

I think Allison makes a good point about boot cut, which is much more flattering on most women. I am sure you will persevere and make fantastic pants in the end.

Summerset said...

Yep. Completely understand - keep trying, jeans are tough to fit, but rewarding in the end.

Sue Anfang said...

I feel your pain, after just finishing a wrinkly butt pair of Burdas, good thing my hubby took a pic, or I would be blissfully thinking that I looked cute and not all wrinkly butt.