Monday, March 14, 2011


I spent all day yesterday sewing jeans, and they look terrible. Way too loose, way too much fabric in the butt. I made Mom jeans. Ugh.

Hello Burda? Aren't you supposed to be drafted better?

So far, if you are keeping score, I've sewn the Simplicity amazing fit in a size 12 (too loose), a BWOF petite pattern in a size 19 (too tight) and now this BWOF regular size pattern in a size 40 (too loose again.)

Size 40 regular and size 20 petite are supposed to be identical, except for the petite bit, I think. So - umm - 19 too tight, 20 way too loose? That's ridiculous.

Back to the drawing board.

Somewhere, in my last 3 pant experiments lie the perfect pants pattern. I need to go lay the various pieces on top of each other, and pick and choose the elements I want, I think. Sigh. Why are these things not easier?

I took pictures, and then took the inside seam apart to try to fix the jeans a little. Right now, there's a big, gaping hole in the crotch, but I think reducing some of the width off the upper thigh helped a little. Tonight, I'll fix these pants as best as I can, and take more pictures.

(And yes, Me-Made-March is still in progress, although my photo taking has tailed off a bit. I'll remember to take one today.)

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