Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Me-Made-March '11 - Day 10-15

Wow, serious catching up to do here.

Day 10 (Thursday)

Long-sleeve black t-shirt: BWOF 10-2007-115
Easy knit skirt - no real pattern used.

Day 11 (Friday)
The severe lack of me-made pants in my wardrobe means I was more formal than strictly necessary on a Friday. I wore my purple skirt and blue t-shirt. (No pictures, I just totally forgot.)
Purple skirt - Simplicity 3631
Blue t-shirt - BWOF 09-2007-101

Day 12 (Saturday)

I spent many hours at a brewery on Saturday, it was a blast! Again - I was way more dressed up than strictly necessary - people were asking me why. Rather than explain Me-Made-March (a lot of people don't really even know I sew) I just told them my jeans were in the wash.
Inner shell - McCalls 4923
Black cardigan: McCalls 5890
Skirt - Simplicity 4036

Day 13 (Sunday)

Jeans sewing day (and we all know how that turned out.) I wore this red McCalls 5890 knit dress all day, and didn't really leave the house.

Day 14 (Monday)

Blue shirt - Simplicity 2938
Blue & green skirt - Simplicity 4047
Grey cardigan: McCalls 5890

Day 15 (Tuesday)

Flowered twinset - the inner shell is McCalls 4923 (now OOP, I never reviewed the inner shell on the blog, only because I still need to put buttons on the cardigan.)
Cardigan, some basic t-shirt pattern, can't remember which one.
Black pants - McCalls 5890
And a really pink scarf to celebrate longer days and the almost-advent-of-spring.

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