Friday, March 11, 2011

Replicating the Proenza Schouler dress

In it's essence, this is a simple dress. It is a plain bodice and a straight skirt with a front wrap thing. Complicating it is that the dress is on the bias, but apart from that, reasonably straightforward. (I used Simplicity 4077 for the skirt, and McCalls 5661 for the top.) Other details - I cut the back bodice as one piece, and put the zipper on the side.

I kept walking back and forth from my laptop while drawing the skirt. It didn't work - my skirt is the mirror image of the inspiration. I also made one side too short - the inspiration skirt isn't quite as short.

But still, I'm pretty happy with this. It was a fun little project.

However, as I was making it, a sneaking suspicion was running through my head. Proenza Schouler or...?

Wilma Flintsone?

Weigh in, dear Readers, I implore you. I am thinking of wearing this to work (with tights, to cut down the amount of leg on display) - will I be the crazy girl yet again?


Shayla said...

I think it's very cute and different! I'm pretty conservative when it comes to fashion but I think you look sophisticated! I love your fabric choice!

SewOm said...

Wear it! With tights and a cardigan or jacket, you'll be completely suitable for work. I like it. Congrats on matching the fabric so nicely.

Carolyn said...

Definitely not Wilma Flintstone! Actaully did you know she is commonly known in the internet world as "the sexy one" of the two female characters on that show?
Your dress looks wonderful, I love the interesting line of the wrap skirt hem.

Anonymous said...

I think its elegant with your fabric choice. Tights would make this work appropriate. Great work!

Summerset said...

I think it looks great! If is it shorter than you intended, tights would definitely make it more appropriate for work. You might be able to get away with footless tights and little flats - that would be a cute look.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Love your did a wonderful job. I think it would be very appropriate for work with tights :)